Medicaid Appeals

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If your application for Medicaid benefits is denied, you have the right to appeal the denial. The appeal is called a fair hearing.

In many instances the denial is not the fault of the applicant, but instead arises from misunderstandings between the caseworker and the applicant. In other instances, the caseworker may make mistakes interpreting the law or policy that result in a denial.

Here are some common reasons why the State of Connecticut sometimes turns down Medicaid applications:

Because the application process can be so difficult and complicated, many people simply give up if their application is denied. However, there are ways to fight the denial and we can help you.

We will file the appeal on your behalf and then work with you to prepare a defense or help you address the causes for the denial. We will also attend pre-appeal hearings with caseworkers and represent you at the fair hearing if one becomes necessary.

If your Medicaid benefits have been denied, call us immediately as you only have a short period of time in which to file an appeal. We will help you assert your rights and use every legal means possible to turn your denial into an approval.

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